Monday, February 3, 2014

The Accidental Princess by Michelle Willingham

Release Date: March 1st, 2010


Author Info: Website & Goodreads

Age Group: Adult

280 pages

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 Our Opinion: 4 stars

Lieutenant Michael Thorpe is a forbidden temptation for Lady Hannah Chesterfield. Etiquette demands Hannah ignore the shivers of desire his wicked gaze provokes, but he's the only man to recognize her restless spirit, and her unawakened body is clamoring for his touch….

Thrown together by scandal, a defiant Hannah joins Michael on an adventure to uncover the secret of his birth—is this common soldier really a prince? If so, will the ordinary man who has taught Hannah the meaning of pleasure now make her his royal bride?

I have to start by saying that I really like the cover of this book and that is actually why I decided to read it. I really enjoy Historical Romance books but I have to admit I'm very picky. I only like certain time periods and I LOVE anything that has to do with royalty.

I liked this book immediately and loved how Hannah and Michael's relationship developed. This book had a lot of twists and turns and it kept me wanting to keep reading! I did get frustrated with how Hannah & Michael both seemed unwilling to actually tell the other what they were really feeling and what they wanted but I loved how it ended!

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