Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Waking up Pregnant by Mira Lyn Kelly

Release Date: March 1st, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin

Author Info: Goodreads, Twitter, Website

Age Group: Adult

Pages: 224 pages

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Our Rating: 4 stars

The night that changed everything!

Waitress Darcy Penn is the smart, sensible type—flirting with the extremely cute guy in the bar just isn't her usual style. As for ending up in his hotel room? Definitely not! Sneaking out while he's in the bathroom to avoid the post-sex awkwardness? Much more like it….

If Darcy had stuck around, Jeff Norton could have told her about their "epic latex fail." So he shouldn't be quite so shocked when months later, Darcy turns up at his classy L.A. office and throws up in his wastepaper basket. She's got a bad case of morning sickness, and she's here to find out what he's going to do about it!

Cute & quick read. I like how it jumped back in time a bit and fully told the story of how the couple met. Darcy very clearly has trust issues & is determined to be independent. I thought that was great, but I wish she would have learned to trust Jeff sooner & had been honest with him about her feelings. Jeff doesn't seem to know what he wants or how to express his feelings. He keeps trying to control the situation and get Darcy to cave and do what he wants her to do, and for the most part she does, so its easy to see why he continues to do it. The characters were both very likeable. I wish there had been more drama with the Jeff/Olivia relationship, but other than that I didn't have any issues with the book. It is definitely one to check out if you are in the mood for love!

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