Monday, April 28, 2014

Fortune's Prince by Allison Leigh

Release Date: May 20th, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin

Author Info: Website

Age Group: Adult

Pages: 224 pages

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Our Rating: 4 stars

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful princess, raised in riches but lonely of heart. When Amelia Fortune Chesterfield discovered her Texas roots, she hurried to Horseback Hollow, eager to find her past. And there she found her future….

The prince wore spurs and a Stetson and was unlike any man she had ever known. In one magical night, Quinn Drummond transformed the shy, reserved girl into a passionate, feeling woman. But in the morning, the princess had to flee, tearing asunder their happily ever after. The prince, in his anger, retreated. Would a small miracle reunite the gun-shy cowboy with his lady love? Don't miss the heartwarming conclusion of The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow!

 One fateful night has changed Amelia Fortune Chesterfield's life forever. She doesn't regret the night of passion, or the surprise it has given her. Unfortunately, when she headed back home she was thrust into a publicity mess, with the world thinking she was engaged to a man who was simply a friend. Now Quinn, the man she truly wants, thinks the worst of her & she has no idea how to break the news to him that she is pregnant with his baby....

I loved how Amelia & Quinn were so different! They were both from completely different worlds, raised differently, & they both had vastly different life experiences. Amelia sees past all of those things & seems to really want to get through to Quinn and be with him...however he keeps using those differences to push her away. I found it really annoying how he was a jerk to her half the time & didn't really listen to her explanations. Overall I thought the writing was great, the story was good, but I wish that Quinn hadn't been such an idiot!

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