Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Engaged at the Chatsfield by Melanie Milburne

Release Date: May 2014

Publisher: Harlequin

Author Info: Goodreads & Website

Age Group: Adult

Pages: 61 pages

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Our Rating: 4  stars

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Where secrets lurk behind every door…

A whisper, a rumor, a scandal!

Glitz, luxury and decadence—Juliet Montague should be having the time of her life. Her friend's hen party is being held at the extravagant Chatsfield Hotel, London, but when she is surrounded by perfect, ultra-stylish women, each with rings on their fingers, a fake fiancĂ© seems her only defense.

Until that very same fake fiancé arrives at the party! Now she must persuade Marcus Bainbridge, her older brother's gorgeous best friend, not to give the game away. But as the charade deepens, will the lines between what's real and what's fantasy start to blur?

I really enjoyed reading The Chatsfield: Sheikh's Scandal by Lucy Monroe, so I was excited to read this book, which is supposed to be a prequel.  First, I have to say that I'm not really sure how this is a prequel. Maybe I need to read the other book again, but the only thing I saw in common was the hotel. Second, I was sad at how short this book was! I really liked the story and would have loved it if it had been longer! I feel like everything happened so quickly and I definitely think certain aspects could have been drawn out. It was a quick read tho, which I did like! I would definitely suggest it! 

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