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Hive & Heist Blog Tour Review & Contest

We are so excited to be participating in the Hive & Heist Blog Tour! Check out our review of Queen & Commander and Hive & Heist & make sure to enter the giveaway! For the complete tour schedule visit XPresso Book Tours

Release Date: May 2014

Genre: Science Fiction & Young Adult

Author: Janine A. Southard

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Rating: 4 1/2 stars 

On a world where high school test scores determine your future, six students rebel. They’ll outrun society as fast as their questionably obtained 
spaceship will take them.

Rhiannon doesn’t technically cheat the Test. She’s smarter than the computers that administer it, and she uses that to her advantage. She emerges from Test Day with the most prestigious future career possible: Hive Queen.

Gwyn & Victor are madly in love, but their Test results will tear them apart. Good thing Rhiannon is Gwyn’s best friend. Rhiannon can fix this. Queens can do anything.

Gavin is the wild card. Raised off-planet, he can’t wait to leave again... and he’s heard of an empty ship in orbit. The Ceridwen’s Cauldron.

Both Luciano and Alan fit in the system. They don’t need to leave. Only their devotion to Rhiannon spurs them to join the Cauldron’s crew.

Spaceships. Blackmail. Anywhere but here.

I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of this book at first. Science Fiction is not a genre that I typically read a lot of, however it sounded interesting so when I got a chance to be part of the Hive & Heist Blog Tour I jumped at it! I almost stopped reading, but then I read some reviews and everyone was raving about the book, so I decided to give it another chance. I'm definitely glad I did.

I'm sure this will annoy some people but I really REALLY don't like Gwyn or Victor. Victor starts to grow on me, especially at the end. But I just can't make myself like Gwyn. I just don't like the fact that she doesn't seem to care about what her supposed "best friend" Rhiannon wants/needs. Rhiannon always puts her friend first, to a point that annoyed me, but Gwyn doesn't seem to realize how much Rhiannon sacrifices for her. I hope Gwyn changes in the next book, because I really can't stand her.

The storyline was interesting & very new for me, being a Science Fiction novice. I loved watching Rhiannon grow into a true Queen & Commander! I am excited to start book 2 & very glad I signed up for this tour! 

Release Date: May 2014

Genre: Science Fiction & Young Adult

Author: Janine A. Southard

Buy it Here: Amazon

Rating: 3 stars

Queen Rhiannon and her Hive have found safety on John Wayne Station, but with no way to pay their docking fees or Victor’s medical bills, their debts are racking up quickly. Thankfully, Gavin gets a job with American Space Ranger M3L-15-A, who’s hot on the trail of dangerous criminals.

The teens move in with their Ranger benefactor, but when they revisit their ship to pick up personal belongings, they realize their Alcubierre tensor jet has been stolen!

If Rhiannon and her Hivemates ever hope to leave, they must find and steal back what’s theirs. But far from home and among strangers, who can they trust? Will they be stuck on John Wayne for the rest of their lives?

I didn't enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed Book 1, but it was still a good continuation of the story that was started in Queen & Commander. The point of view jumped around a lot in this book, which I really wasn't a huge fan of.  The story was also pretty slow in the beginning, at least in my opinion, but it did seem to pick up about half way through. All in all I think if you liked Queen & Commander you should give this one a chance as well! 

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