Thursday, November 13, 2014

His For a Price by Caitlin Crews

Release Date:  September 16, 2014

Publisher: Harlequin

Author Info: Goodreads & Website

Pages: 192 pages

Genre: Romance

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Our Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Greek tycoon Nicodemus Stathis was never able to forget beautiful heiress Mattie Whitaker. And now, ten years of delicious tension later, Nicodemus finally has her right where he wants her!

Mattie's once powerful family dynasty now lies in ruin, and only Nicodemus can offer them a solution--a solution with vows! She might not have a choice, but Mattie refuses to be the sacrificial queen to his king.

But Nicodemus's slow, deliberate seduction wears down his new bride, and the word checkmate lies on his lips like a promise..

I loved seeing Nicodemus & Mattie's relationship unfold, but the one that that I didn't like was that the issues that they seemed to have could have been resolved had they both been willing to learn about the other & let each other in. Obviously the book wouldn't have been as exciting if they had communicated well from the beginning. Besides that, I loved the story! I thought Nicodemus & Mattie were absolutely perfect for each other. 

This is the first book by Caitlin Crews that I have read but I can guarantee it won't be the last! 

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