Monday, November 24, 2014

Not the Boss's Baby by Sarah M. Anderson

Release Date: September 2nd, 2014


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Age Group:

Pages: 192 pages

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Our Rating: 4 stars

What the boss wants...

As the oldest son, Chadwick Beaumont has sacrificed everything for the Beaumont's company, but he swore he'd never follow in his father's philandering footsteps. So, for years, he's dutifully kept his distance from the temptation outside his office door--his beautiful secretary Serena Chase.

But now everything has changed. The family business is in jeopardy. His personal life is in shambles. And his sexy assistant is suddenly single--and flirting. Chadwick is tired of doing what's expected. It's time for him to go after what he wants. And what he wants is Serena--even if she's expecting another man's child.

Let me start by saying I've been reading Harlequin romances for a long time & I'm addicted! Although this story was predictable I enjoyed it a great deal & read it straight through! I actually liked both Serena & Chadwick throughout the entire book. I couldn't help but feel bad for Chadwick's wife (who he was attempting to make his ex-wife), it seemed like she had spent so much time trying to get his attention & she never got it, so she was doing all she could to try to hurt him. As bad as I felt for her I still didn't like her & am glad that the book didn't focus much on her!

This book is the perfect romance to put on your list this fall! 

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